Introducing Chris H.

We are proud to welcome another addition to the FPR staff. Chris H is a colleague of mine at a college where I teach and he was excited to come here and discuss that thing that we spend most of our time here discussing: political philosophy. He introduces himself as follows:

I am political philosopher with a BA and MA in political science for the University of Utah. I also have an associates degree from Ricks College. I specialize in liberal theory with primary interest in the works of the late John Rawls, who you will surely hear more about. I also have interests in Kant, Locke, and Hobbes, though I am convinced that Rawls is the greatest. I have special interest in looking at Mormon political and moral theory. What does Mormonism theology have to say about justice? This is my question and I feel that it has been neglected within Mormon intellectual circles.

I am married to Lyndee, a social worker and super mom. We have three kids (2 boys, 1 girl).

I served my mission in Anaheim, California — Vietnamese speaking.

Please welcome Chris H. to FPR.



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2 responses to “Introducing Chris H.

  1. Mogget

    Welcome, Chris!

    What is liberal theory, and who is John Rawls? Give us a clue…don’t make me resort to google!

  2. Political science? Perhaps you (and others) would enjoy this little speculation about the presidential race in 2008:

    UK Times Online

    Or is this old news?

    (Oh, and welcome, Chris H.!)