One day delay in March Mormon Doctrine Madness

I apologize. Things are busier now than I planned for and I need to install a new program to try and get the polls working properly. The game will resume on Monday and the rest of the first round matches will take place next week. Thanks for your participation thusfar.

The winners from today are:
2 Brigham Young 25
15 Eugene England 6

11 Hugh Nibley 26
6 Emma Smith 3

3 Physical Divine Beings 21
14 Dispensationalism 8

10 Tithing and Consecration 15
7 Temple Covenants 13

4 The Pearl of Great Price 16
13 The Father and the Son 12

8 The 2nd Official Declaration 15
9 The Proclamation on the Family 13

1 The Welfare Program 26
16 The Perpetual Education Fund 2

12 The Young Men’s Program 28
5 Personal Food Storage 2


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