March Mormon Doctrine Madness: Sweet Sixteen, Day One

Here we go:
1 – Joseph Smith vs. 3 – Bruce R. McConkie

Which is the more influential force in Mormonism today?
Joseph Smith
Bruce R. McConkie


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10 responses to “March Mormon Doctrine Madness: Sweet Sixteen, Day One

  1. John C.

    To my mind, these divide along lines regarding what is important to the individual versus what is important to the institution. In my case, the individual won three out of four.

    My votes:
    Joseph Smith
    Saving Ordinances
    The Book of Mormon
    Relief Society

  2. We finally agree John, right down the line. It seems to me that there are going to be more blowouts here than in previous rounds.

  3. John C.

    Ah, but do you know which was my institutional pick?

  4. John, you non-woman, I’d guess it was the Relief Society…

  5. J. Watkins

    Finally. Not to be too negative or biased but I am glad to see Elder McConkie finally go down.

  6. just Johnna

    I don’t know why everyone is voting the Relief Society over the Young Men’s program. Relief Society seems relatively low-content, sadly enough.

  7. Perhaps RS isn’t high in content (though I would argue more than the Young Men’s program), it does more work than any other organization, in my oppinion.

  8. The one I can’t figure out is the preference for saving ordinances. I’m not sure I even know what the phrase means in any detail.

  9. John C.

    Ordinances necessary for salvation and the authority necessary to perform them. aka my institutional pick

    also, I ditto J’s RS statement