March Mormon Doctrine Madness: Sweet Sixteen, Day Two

The results from yesterday are:

1 – Joseph Smith 29
3 – Bruce R. McConkie 5

12 – Saving Ordinances 24
10 – Tithing and Consecration 7

1 – Book of Mormon 27
3 – Doctrine and Covenants 3

10 – The Relief Society 19
12 – The Young Men’s Program 11

I am satisfied with those answers.

On to today’s polls:

9 – Gordon B. Hinckley vs. 11 – Hugh W. Nibley

Which is the more influential force in Mormonism today?
Gordon B. Hinckley
Hugh W. Nibley


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8 responses to “March Mormon Doctrine Madness: Sweet Sixteen, Day Two

  1. John C.

    My votes:
    Gordon B. Hinckley
    Restoration of Priesthood Authority
    The 2nd Official Declaration
    Sacrament Building

  2. John C.

    Sacrament building should read sacrament meeting. So you know.

  3. Ariel

    The last two are neck and neck.

    I didn’t see the “sacrament meeting” correction until I had already voted; you might want to fix that.

  4. a random John

    I fail to see how anybody could vote for OD2 over MD as more influential. More important surely, but more influential?

  5. aRj – Imagine how the church would be viewed in the US and the world today if there was no OD2. I think it is much more influential in that light.

  6. Gee, I think for once we agree.

  7. arJ, Mormon Doctrine is arguably more influential among members in the US church, where our church remains largely racially segregated, de facto, in any case. But the church in Africa wouldn’t really even exist without OD2, the church in Latin America would be far more restrictive than it is, there’d be no church in the Caribbean at all, and — last but not least — we’d be about as viable in developed countries as, say, the Amish…

  8. a random John

    RT and GJ,

    Ok, I can accept that logic, but I still think that even on the topics surrounding OD2 that many many members are more influenced by MD than by the declaration itself. I’m certainly not claiming that this is a good thing, just that iti is what I observe.