Wanted: A Running-Mate for Mittt Romney

So who should it be?

Since it’s just a matter of time before Romney passes Giuliani and becomes the uncontested Republican front-runner, we should start thinking about who would be a good match for Mitt. 



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20 responses to “Wanted: A Running-Mate for Mittt Romney

  1. Someone willing to be a non-entity in the White House. I’ve had enough of muscular VPs splitting the source of authority in the Presidency.

  2. Who was that senile veteran Ross Perot drafted as a running mate? He was awesome in the VP debates, Mitt should call him up.

  3. General Stockdale. GRIDLOCK!!!

    I was just wondering this the other day. Does he reach out to Huckabee or Brownback to bring in the religious right? Maybe Thompson is in just hoping to land on someone’s ticket.

    Apparently Romney mentioned Jeb Bush and Newt Gingrich as possibilities earlier this year.

  4. Bandanamom

    ~Apparently Romney mentioned Jeb Bush and Newt Gingrich as possibilities earlier this year.~

    Oh dear.

    That changes everything. If he really said that, there’s no way I can vote for someone who would even use the word possibility in relation to either of them.

  5. Christopher

    Hopefully someone that can actually imagine something more awful than polygamy.

  6. David Grua

    LOL, Christopher.

  7. Bill

    How about Larry Craig?

  8. dan

    Giuliani or Duncan Hunter

  9. Chris H.

    “Since it’s just a matter of time before Romney passes Giuliani and becomes the uncontested Republican front-runner”

    Whatever. I still doubt it, though I give him better odds than I did earlier. He largely benefits from the Republican field being complete crap (crap is a political science term).

    I would not be surprised to see a nationally known conservative from the Senate. I am having a hardtime imagining which one. Fred Thompson could be it, though maybe Mitt will be his #2 on the ticket.

    Either way, it is a bad time to be the Republican nominee. They have to defend the Iraq War and the conservative base is displeased. Mitt or not, the GOP candidate is going down in flames.

  10. Last Lemming

    Seriously, in the unlikely event that Romney wins the nomination, his running mate will be either Condoleeza Rice or Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas.

    Apparently Romney mentioned Jeb Bush and Newt Gingrich as possibilities earlier this year.

    Democrats are foaming at the mouth at the thought of having an actual Bush on the ticket to run against. Newt would be almost as good.

  11. Whoever he picks, he needs to think “assassination/impeachment insurance” before he makes his selection (like Bush did).

  12. a random John

    I believe it is Admiral Stockdale. I nearly ran him over shortly after he was nominated while on my way to class. He was walking to the Hoover Institution and I was assuming that he’d keep walking and I’d pass behind him. Instead he looked up, assumed a deer in the headlights look, and took a half a step back. After that the details are fuzzy in my memory, but I’m quite certain that I didn’t hit him.

    Also, he’s dead now. Not my fault.

    The woman who was his Lt. Gov. (Healey sp?) in Mass struck most people as being a serious lightweight. I would hope he doesn’t pull that trick again. He would probably select a well known Southerner who is evangelical.

  13. Anon

    How about a major anti-Islamic bigot and anti-Mexican xenophobe who’d love to make fun of the country where he once served as a missionary? Oh wait, Mitt already has those bases covered.

  14. steffielynn

    I would like to see Mitt and Fred Thompson!

  15. I think Mitt would make a decent VP candidate for Ron Paul.

  16. Dr. Condoleezza Rice, duh. (Y’all got no imagination).

  17. Mike Parker, don’t you ever mix Ron Paul and Mitt Romney ever again. If you do, I will look up your IP address in FPR’s back-pages, find out where you are, and hunt you down. If indeed you were serious, the wounds, maiming, and near death experience you receive at my hands for so mixing Paul with Romney will haunt you the rest of your life – especially on Sundays when you have to refuse the sacrament bread because you can’t eat anything unless it is through a straw.

  18. iZING

    To balance the ticket and please the Mormon-haters as well as provide comic relief while in the white house.. how about Mitt’s old pal from the 2002 Olympics? Yes I am speaking of the notorious Mayor Rocky Anderson.

    Seriously.. it’s just a joke. (Everything about Rocky Anderson is a joke)

  19. Bob Thomas

    Very tough question….Now that the Iraq War is a little less of a problem than a month ago, and now that Hillary and Barack have practically moved to the right of the Republicans, perhaps Condoleeza Rice would be good. She certainly is qualified, and I believe it might be a good way to go. If not her, perhaps Huckabee… I don’t want Guiliani, cause Mitt could die, and we would essentially have a Democrat in there. It’s a tough call.. How about some serious consideration on here. I’d like to hear your ideas.