New category. We’re in. You’re out.


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19 responses to “Bloggernaclademia

  1. Best entry in the current competition.

  2. Nitsav

    Indeed. I heap disdain and contempt upon anyone refusing to recognize our greatness and abide by our terminology. Neener neener.

  3. Elitism — the refuge of nerds, geeks and others without proper social skills and a good tan.

  4. Chris H.

    Now, I feel myself agreeing with Nitsav.

    However I must ask something: Did I miss something? It am not sure what this is referring to, if anything.

  5. Wow, you really are isolated in Idaho, Chris. 😉

  6. TT, is there a significance to the fact that you categorized this post under “atonement”?

  7. Nitsav

    “I am just abusing you to make myself feel better about my inadequacies.”

    Whoa. My eyes have been opened to a whole new career path in customer service or talk radio.

  8. Or middle management, or HR, or …

  9. Chris H.

    Sorry Nitsav,

    You do not have what it takes. You are too nice and too adequate in all areas.

  10. Blog posts + comments = the pinnacle of peer review

  11. Kade

    Man, you miss a day in the ‘nacle and it’s human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!
    For me, there is only one true and living bloggernacle.
    In order to perpetuate a previously unsensed by me stereotype or condescension or whatever it was, may I suggest you keep the old name and give a new name to the ersatz ‘naccle? Blaguernacle.

  12. Rameumptom

    Nitsav, you are much too nice for this crowd. Perhaps a different speaking job saying, “Welcome to Walmart” and passing out carts? Or perhaps as a guest speaker at the MommyMormon Jabbernacle?