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Vatican II and Modernity

Last time we met, Pius XII had published Divino, and set the Catholics on a glide path for a more productive encounter with modern life. I should emphasize that it’s a Catholic approach to modern life, so you won’t be … Continue reading


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The Shift Toward Modernity

Today’s important news is that I ate my first ripe tomato of the 2008 season last night. Now we can get back to the Catholics. When last we left off in this little exercise, Pius X had dealt rather, er…firmly…, … Continue reading


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The Great of ’08

2008 was a good year for FPR. We gained three new permanent bloggers, Secco, David Clark, and The Yellow Dart, though we lost Chris H. to his own personal blog. We also had our 500th post on our three year … Continue reading


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The End of Modernism?

When last we met to discuss the world of Catholic Biblical scholarship, Pius X had just excommunicated Alfred Loisy in an effort to suppress Modernism… What else did Pius X do about Modernism? In addition to excommunicating Loisy, et. al., … Continue reading


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A Modicum of Modernism

This post arises from one of the issues raised in Nitsav’s Apologia. (Since it’s now, like, 130 comments long, I am sure we’ll never need any other identifier for that post.) At some point in the middle of all those … Continue reading


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