We’ve decided to finally grow up in the blogging world after nearly 4 years online and move to our own domain. However, before we do so we would really like to get a custom site design for wordpress from someone who knows how to do it and who knows the aesthetics of LDS blogging. We can’t pay too much, about $150, but we could throw in a translation of a document in nearly any ancient language from nearly anywhere in the world as a bonus. Contact us at faithprorumor AT gmail Dot Com.


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10 responses to “KICKING THEIR TRASH!!

  1. I wish I could help, because I’d really enjoy posting a page of my “funny bones” jokes in, say, Aramaic.

  2. MadChemist

    Just exactly who’s trash is being kicked?

  3. TT

    Ardis, the wordplays would be hilarious! Mekalekahi-Mekahiniho

    MadChemist, if you have to ask…

  4. Cynthia L.

    Here is a site with free blog designs that seems popular with a lot of LDS bloggers.

  5. Steve Evans

    Why bother? Just switch themes within and sign up for a custom domain. waaaaaay cheaper, and super-easier for you because you won’t have to migrate sites. You can still get a pretty decent looking site – some of those preset themes are nifty. That’s where BCC is now.

  6. You can also get premium WordPress themes for $25-$70 a pop, then hire a graphic designer to do a nice header or something for you. That would keep your costs low but give you much more functionality for the cost than if you had the theme custom-built.

    I’m a marketing consultant and could give you the names of some decent designers I’ve worked with if you really want to go that way. Feel free to email me at katie at salesablaze dot com.

  7. Chris H.

    I like you guys being on wordpress. Good luck either way.

  8. Yeah, I remember a few years ago sweating through HTML, CSS, and do-it-yourself script widgets trying to make a nice site. Now the off-the-shelf themes and templates look much sharper. And for LDS blogs, graphical self-reliance is a virtue.

  9. Steve Evans

    Seriously, don’t waste your time sweating it all — Dave is right. has templates that look a lot better than your current, with lots customization possibilities. It’s your cheapest and easiest option at this point.

  10. Todd Wood

    Put different ancient texts in the templates every month.

    Find a buddy that can take good pics.